Epoxy Flooring FAQ

Epoxy flooring comes in many varieties, both in terms of the formula and its appearance. If you are not sure about getting your driveway done or you still have some questions, take a look a some of our most frequently asked questions. If you still have any additional questions that are not answered below, please give us a call, we are happy to help.

The longevity of epoxy flooring depends on the quality of the epoxy product, how well the concrete is prepared to ensure a strong bond, where the epoxy is installed, and how well it’s maintained. Professionally installed epoxy floor coatings can last up to 8 years in harsh industrial environments with adequate protective measures and care. In low-demand commercial settings, epoxy flooring can last longer. Garage and basement epoxy has even been known to last up to 20-25 years as long as a new clear topcoat is added every 5 to 7 years or so.

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